Rub Your Meat Here
Written by Graydon   
Friday, 31 March 2006
I like cooking... one of my "issues" is that I never know what would be a good seasoning rub on the meat I'm cookding (or a marinade).  When I go into the grocery store, they have one small section of aisle filled with all of the normal seasonings and marindaes.  All of which seem to copy each other... I mean, just how many Lemon Pepper varieties can you choose from...
  ... I have a BBQ book that includes some information on spices, dry rubs, wet rubs and marinades.  But it gets off into "exotic" spices that I don't have and don't feel like dropping US$3.50 for a bottle of the stuff from the grocery store.
So, why not have a small footprint retail store (located near a grocery store) that specialized in marinades and meat rubs?
What would you sell?
1.  Usual assortment of retail items
2.  Some harder to find packaged and bottled marinades and rubs
3.  Raw ingredients for mixing up your own recipe
4.  Basic recipe info so that the newbies have a place to start before customizing.
Why would people come in there?
1.  Get stuff that the grocery store doesn't get
2.  Abilit to sample from wide variety without makina a commitment to a single one.
3.  Instructions on mixin up the spices as well as cooking guides.
I think the place would also need to have a basic stove / oven so that you could whip up a sample of meat with the desired seasoning in place.  Tastes good, buy a pound of the seasoning to use over the next couple of months... Don't like it, figure out why and try another custom blend.
I'll update latert wiith some links and references....