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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 29 July 2006
Somewhere I still have a cheaply bound package that highlights the original X-Prize for getting a rocket into space.  It's around 11 years old now... maybe a little bit of history.  I remember when I got it... there was a job fair at the university that I went to and one of the competing companies had a booth there... trying to stir up interest in them and the goal.  While I didn't apply for a job (a bit outside of my major) I thought it was a cool idea.  I hadn't heard about it before that... and realized later that I didn't hear much about the overall project until it was much closer to the winning launch.
So, why, now after the prize has been given and the hype has dissipated some am I bringing this back up?
The other day I was driving along and something reminded me of the X-Prize and I had that thought of why haven't they done an automotive X-Prize.  Well, I was happy to find out that they are!  Check it out .
Now, for some reason, this hasn't made the full blown mainstream media yet, but I think it will once they finalize all of the rules.
So, if you have an idea for the next generation of fuel efficient land vehicle, go and check out the current site and sign-up to be notified when they finalize the competition.
If they get half of what they got from the original, it has the potential to revolutionize automotive history.  Think about it, if flying to space for 20 grand is a great business to be in, how about designing the cars / trucks / suvs that get 200 mpg?
Pretty cool stuff. 
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