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Wednesday, 26 July 2006
Mad Cow Joke
One of the food blog sites I check in on regularly has been ranting on lately about the USDA's decision to reduce the number of cattle it test each year for Mad Cow Disease.  I was a bit amused by the extreme reaction displayed by the author and actually found it kinda annoying... to the point of just not going back.  But I did and I'm glad.  Now, why does this matter on a site related to business ideas?
Because, if more people do what she says she is doing (swearing off beef), then their are opportunities to look at... 
1.  If you are in the beef supply chain... how much is it worth to consumers to purchase from you if you can claim 100% testing for Mad Cow or other processes that guarantee safe beef?  Think along the lines of organic foods and what they've done maybe.
2.  If you make or deal with the testing end of the process... what can you gain by making a cheaper / easier / more reliable test for the people in the supply side?
3.  If you are the beef alternative end of the spectrum... what can you do to capture those that don't want to risk eating beef?
This discussion is centered on beef and Mad Cow Disease... but the lesson for other businesses is to pay attention to any regulations in your area and plan how you would move if they are changed (either increased, or in this case, decreased). 
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