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Written by Graydon   
Friday, 14 July 2006
The other day I wrote about a website idea where you showcased the serious, whimsical and downright stupid things that you could do with a bunch of money.  The basic idea was a social site that relied upon readers to submit what they would do given relatively unlimited resources of money.
I ended by commenting that it wouldn't need to make money since it's a social web 2.0 site...
Well, later on I was thinking that maybe there was a money making site idea buried in there somewhere.
This is what I came up with...
Instead of relying on readers to submit and rank items in the hope that other readers come and find it funny and come again and eventually click on some ad... take it another direction.
Search out the most exuberant activities you can find...
Lunch with the pope
A night in the suite at Atlantis (Bahamas)
Breakfast with Paris Hilton
Trip to space
Golf with Arnold Palmer
A wedding on top of the Eiffel Tower
and so on...
And then, actually find out what it would take to make something like that happen... whether it was money or other.
Now, for the trip related activities, link to the places that can make it happen and hope that they have an affiliate program.  If not, well, at list link through one of the travel services that does.
If it's a meeting with so and so type of item... well, hopefully you have some connections and can make it happen while taking a cut of the cost.
To really do this, you'll probably need a well stocked rolodex or some great charm to convince Emeril that it's worth his while to take $10,000 to make lunch for some bozo with the cash.  BUT, if you can setup where parts of the procedes go to charity, well then you just might get some celebrities to buy into it.
Think about it... would Oprah take $1 million to have a meeting with someone if 1/2 of it was going to charity?  I don't know, but maybe.
OK, so you like the idea, but want to monetize for the more common folks out there... great.
For every high priced item you profile, give some lower level equivalents... or maybe "similar to" type items that Joe Schmoe could actually afford.
$2,000 for a trip to Cape Canaveral to watch the next shuttle launch
$1,000 to attend the fighter pilot school in Arizona
$25,000 a night for the Atlantis "bridge suite" (at least that's what the locals told me)
$2,500 for a week in the Bahamas in one of the normal Atlantis rooms.
No, it's not apples to apples... but you can give the rich a guide to the good life as well as the dreamers a taste of what it might be like.
The overall key is to get the referral / affiliate profit from driving the visitors to another destination.
And if you can drive some charitable contributions, you might even do more social good than Squidoo
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