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Written by Graydon   
Sunday, 09 July 2006
I was recently working on another project when I started thinking about the things I would do given the financial resources to do so.  Of course some of the things were serious (kids college funding, giving to church / charity), some were frivolous (buy a Hummer, get Emeril to make me gumbo) and some were downright rediculous (fund a X-Prize type competition called the XXX-Prize for the first porn scene in space).
But it made me think... could you make a website where the object was for users to express their dreams / desires / temptations given the financial resources?
Well, the answer is yes, of course.  Making a website like that would be easy.  But then the question was... would they come.  While I like the movie Field of Dreams... I'm not a big believer of if you build it, they will come (yes, I do test that notion with this site and some others, but that's a tangent).
So, a question to you... could you draw enough eyeballs to a Flickr type site that instead of pictures... accumulated people's desires?
I guess it depends on if there's enough people out there to come up with amusing things to do with money.
I'm not worrying about how this would make a profit... it would be a social Web 2.0 site... they don't need to make a profit.
Update with ideas about how to turn a profit here
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