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Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 06 July 2006
With the derugulation of the electricity generation business came companies looking to convert me and you to their service.  If you are a good shopper, you'll spend the time researching rates and generation techniques (i.e. how much renewable energy to they produce from wind, hydro, solar, etc...) and eventually make the best economical / ecological choice (balaning the two as you see fit).
BUT, if you are like a lot of people, you are too damn lazy and just assume stay with who you got.  Why bother with the hassles of switching based upon advertisements that you probably do not trust?
I don't know what the cost for aquiring a new customer is for electric companies... but it's probably not cheap.
So, I have another way to get people to switch...
Electric company "A" should work a deal with real estate agents for them to promote / recommend their service.
In exchange... here's what everybody can get...
1.  Real estate agent - small commission payment for everybody that signs up.
2.  Real estate agent's client - at least 1 free month of electricity... perhaps two or three.
3.  Electric company gets a new customer.
I'm sure that their are rules about what real estate agents can recommend... but I don't think a customer will give two squats that the agent is getting paid to recommend a company if they are about to get 1+ months electricity for free.  As long as everybody is upfront, it's worth attempting.
Just remember that if it works, I'll take my own cut. 
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