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Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 06 July 2006
The real estate market... booming or near bust?

It may not matter if you can figure out a way to serve the agents.

In boom times, agents face lots of competition from the influx of people trying to make it big... and they need help in standing out from the others.

In a bust (or just downturn) they'll need the same help standing out as the competition gets fierce for buyers.

So, what can you do to help real estate agents succede?

I've put together a list of possibilities...
Put together a monthly flyer for the agent that displays their contact information along with all of the homes in the target neigborhood that are listed, just listed, just sold, etc... The goal is to get prospective sellers to call the agent in order to list their house.  Figure out a way to get the list to potential buyers wherever they may be so that they can use the agent to buy a house in that neighborhood.

Help the agent sell the house by providing photography services.  Anytime an agent lists a home, you go and work with the sellers to create appealing images of the house so that prospective buyers searching online want to visit.  Expand this to offer a floor plan that can be viewed online along with the breathtaking photos of the house.  Expand some more to include video walk-throughs.  Have some agents that don't want to part with some money on an on-going basis?  Get them at least one time in a class where you teach them how to do some / all of the above themselves.  And make it known you are available for individual homes when they get overloaded.

Help the agent and sellers maintain the appearance of the house for all of those showings created from above.  Tie together some basic yardservice and house cleaning.  Can be performed by you or serve as the middle man to some trusted service companies where you can get a small fee on the mark-up.

Make getting out / getting in easier... similar to above, take care of the final cleaning of a house so that the seller can get on out and the buyer has a sparkling clean house to move into.  Same for the yard... what seller wants to mow the grass on a house they don't own... and what buyer wants to mow it the day after closing?

Pull in the referral... package gift baskets for buyers and sellers to help the agent show how much they care.  Snacks and food gift certificates are nice, but differentiate with a free house cleaning (for after the move-in) or a months worth of yard care.

Of course there are many other ways to help real estate agents... just think... If you were going to buy / sale a house and had to choose an agent... what is it that you would like them to do?  Help the agent deliver that to their clients and you could be on track to a great business... come boom or bust.
In case you think that some of these ideas are off the wall... found somebody doing some of these items and more over at Essential Home Solutions .  Check them out.
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