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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 01 July 2006
Watching the stir around the service PayPerPost (see TechCrunch and ProBlogger ) and the ethics of highlighting affiliate links got me to thinking about a new extension that we could use for the browsers...
I don't have a great name for it yet... but here's what I see...
Anytime I'm visiting a website / blog that uses affiliate links... I want the plug-in to find them and override the style for the link and display it in blinking red, yellow and white.... to signify that the link has been burned.
Of course, if the author had included (aff) after the link, it would show up normal.
Experienced surfers can usually spot the aff link... but this would help the newbie or slow ones out there figure it out.
If akimet can figure out what is spam... then figuring out what an aff link looks like should be simple.
Maybe instead of changing the link style the plug-in would have a little box in my toolbar showing how many aff links are on the page I'm viewing.
The key is to figure out a standard format that can filter between "hidden" aff links and the "notified" links.
Oh, and have a button that links to RapLeaf and automatically imports the URL so that you can flag aff link abusers.
I'm on to something... too bad I can't program... but you can. 
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