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Tuesday, 27 June 2006
I have to admit... I'm a sucker for a site / blog that profiles other sites / blogs related to a specific topic.  I spent over an hour the other night going through one such site that "showcased" recipe sites.  I even check out Technorati's Blog Finder trying to find useful / relevant / funny stuff.
All of this searching around and I came to one conclusion... they suck!
Most "showcase" sites turn out to be link generating spam sites that aren't monitored so my recipe search turns up Viagra links.
Technorati actually is a bit better... but I still found sites no way related to the tags that they had on there.  Honestly, why is Mensa Barbie got a recipe tag ?  Apparently the ~1,800 links from ~730 sites gives her authority in this field.
That's why I like sites like Cool Google Maps are on my RSS... they actually show relevant sites.  I'm not going to like everything they put up... but at least I know it's a Google Map site that they are showing.
So, what's the point of this rambling?
Despite all of the social bookmarking, tagging, digging and shoveling... there's still room for a good site that highlights relevant sites to a topic. 
How's this appy to you? 
Blogs and niches go hand-in-hand.  Maybe you don't have the knowledge to start a blog with great content... but you have a passion (or just damn good understanding of what doesn't suck) for a topic.  Go ahead and start a site that highlights the best of what you find related to the topic.
Hell, it's what Seth wants you to do with his venture .
You could consider it LifeHacker "lite".
This probably won't be the site that earns you 6 figures... but with the right topic, a good real life HUMAN screening process, some relevant ads and enough traffic, you might be able to fund something bigger and better.
And if you create that food / recipe site review... let me know... I'm tired of wading through crap. 
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