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Written by Graydon   
Tuesday, 13 June 2006
It's amazing... whenever I sit down to really think about a new venture all of these side items come up...  it really goes to prove that if you want to come up with new ideas... work on something else.
I digress though...
Most cable and satellite providers have a VOD (video on demand) service where you can select from PPV (pay per view) or free stuff.  I've browsed around Time Warner's offerings and they aren't too bad.  When bored I can usually find something on the free DIY shows.
But what I think would kick this service into higher gear is if the Cable Co. would integrate the top 10 - 100 online videos from sites like Google or YouTube.
Yes - I know... I can just go online and get them... except for when the Mrs or offspring are using the computer... or I'm just too damn lazy to go over to the computer.
I have some additional thoughts... 
First... who benefits from these content sharing agreement?
Cable Co's - Get a reason to drive subscribers to their service... as well as a reason to click that VOD button on the remote.
Cable Co's - Figure out how to manage your screen real estate and play the video in a box and place some ads around the video.  It wouldn't bother me to see the local liquor store have an ad in a side box.
Cable Co's - OK, I've managed to figure out how to see the funny stuff from (insert online video host here)... now it isn't much more to view the PlayBoy's nightime offering and really zap the money from me.
Online video host - Nice increase in exposure since you are tapping into a market of people that rather watch TV instead of waste time online.
Online video host -  Increased ad revenue... tie in with my idea about embedded ads ... and now you can get some more money when the video hits the VOD list.
Online video host -  Become the king of online video content... why would anybody go to someone else if you provided the possibility of getting their content on cable?  Not to mention their ad revenue would go up when their content hit the VOD distribution list.
Content creator - See above... really, how cool would it be to say "hey dad, check out my video on cable!"
Content creator - Excellent way of increasing revenue stream... as well as desire to make something worth a crap.
Viewer - Finally, something better than free DIY episodes.
Now, you would think that was enough... but how about this...
Google (or insert online video host here) Channels...
Now, when I select the VOD free option I see Google... next layer down are these options...
 - Top 10 (or whatever # you think works best
 - Entertainment
 - Sports
 - News
 - Celebrity
 - Food
 - etc.
The only question to really figure out is Does the cable co pay to inlcude the Online Video Host's stuff... or the other way around?  Both will gain... just do it for "free" and renogiate later.
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