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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 10 June 2006

I introduced a series of topics of micro-niche blogging here and here .... and now it's time to take another run at a possible area... Automobiles!

Now, there are plenty of blogs on the auto industry... most regurgitating news feeds with some sporadic original content.  So, breaking into that field is going to be tough.  So, now it’s time to drop down a couple of levels and see what we can find…

Automobiles – already too crowded
Cars vs. Trucks – nope… too much competition…
Ford or Chevy or BMW or etc… - may be some room here, but let’s continue…
Camaro vs. Mustang – while this alone may work if you can tap into the competitive spirit, it’s still a pretty big area to play in…
1969 Camaro – that’s more like it…

Why choose the ’69 Camaro?  Well, because it’s a popular car… lots of potential advertisers for it and the biggest reason… Chevy has a retro styled concept car that takes styling cues from it like Ford did with the new Mustang.  And since it’s still in concept phase you can catch the front lip of the wave when they move to production.

So, what would you post on?

One scenario would be to take your audience through a rebuild of your own ’69 Camaro.  A new production model might drive a revival of those rebuilding the original.

Do a little regurgitation of other sites and spread some link-love to some other related sites.

Post on parts / services / companies that support that model.

Track some action of owner’s clubs and keep your reader’s informed of shows and meetings.

Also, keep tabs on what Chevy is doing as they move to production.

There are others… and if you have a passion for the car you can come up with your own take.

Additional thoughts…

The Overture site says that in April 2006 there were approximately 10k searches for 1969 Camaro… and that bids for ads ranged from 0.32 – 0.11 USD.

EBay currently lists about 2500 items when searching for 1969 Camaro.

Amazon has a couple hundred related items that need to be sold.

Maybe you don’t like the Camaro… well, follow the same logic and find a model that you can be passionate about.  You might be a bit behind on the Mustang… but maybe the new Toyota FJ rings your bell.  Jeep has a new 4 door Wrangler coming out that might rejuvenate some interest… but Jeeps are everywhere.  I personally love the 1972 Blazer… but with only 300 searches for it in April… it’s probably too small.  I’m only looking at the US vehicles that I’m familiar with… Europe has a passion for vehicles as well… maybe you know of a niche vehicle with a passionate following that’s relevant there?

Whatever your choice… good luck.

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