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Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 08 June 2006
...get a house without any neighbors... after that, it doesn't matter what you do on your balcony.
I keep saying this isn't a blog... but I keep participating in Darren's ultimate link baiting projects related to blogs.  Oh well.
My goal (from this site and others that I play with)... learn.
Don't know what I will learn... but all knowledge is useful (sometimes in the fun desctructive type of way).
If you are reading this from then I have learned one thing... how to get your attention with the title.
While you are here hit the site map on the left (or HERE ) and see what else may interest you.  Or check out the About page for more information.
See, another thing I learned... at the end of the post I asked you to do something more. 

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