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Written by Graydon   
Tuesday, 30 May 2006

You know what?  I've got too much crap!  Most likely you to do.  I think most everybody in America does... hence the reason why storage facilities are so hot.

 Why not make some money off helping people get organized?


Yes, I know, the organization gurus have been at it for a long time... first it was closets and it's gone all the way to upscale garage makeovers.  HGTV and DIY probably have umpteen shows about how to do it.  So what's the new twist?... 

Simple enough.  Instead of trying to get people to pay you to come out to their house and help them... just provide a good open warehouse type space for them to lay all of their crap out and get it organized.


Think about it... if your garage is half as bad as mine, you can't find squat.  And I know the thoughts that you have when you think about figuriing it all out.  You just don't have enough room to properly go through it and get it where it belongs.


But think about what you could do with a couple 100 square feet in an airconditioned facility.  That's enough room to bring all of your boxed stuff, unload, unbox, layout and sort through it.


Just takes a bit of space and a simple useage fee for the time needed.


Want to expand the idea... great, stock all of the storage / organization paraphanalia you can come up with.  Want to go a bit more, have some people available to help the customer sort and organize and suggest ways to get things back in order.


As Emeril would say... "Kick it up another notch" and you could help people get the unwanted stuff on eBay to auction off.   The expansion possibilities are great... I see a franchise in the making.


Who would use this?

1.  People with too much crap

2.  People that moved and need to re-organize their crap.

3.  People that want to have a garage sale and need to sort through their crap.

4.  People that want to find that hidden gem to put on eBay.

5.  Non-profits that need an organization space.

6.  For profits that are having collection drives.

7.  Me

8.  You


Want to try something else?  Let people come in on Thursday, organize their stuff, and then provide a layout area for a centralized "garage sale" type system on Friday's and Saturday's.  Yeah, it sounds a bit like a flee market... but isn't it time that flee markets moved upscale?


What would you need?

1.  Space - how much is dependent upon what services you want to offer.

2.  Repackaging / boxing supplies - amply marked up of course.

3.  Knowledgeable employees on storage - Might even get some freebie help from those independent storage consultants.

4.  Marketing ability - but not too much because I think word-of-mouth would go a long way.


So, stop sitting there and get to work. 

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