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Written by Graydon   
Sunday, 28 May 2006
Some un-related questions for you...
1.  Are you a blogger?
2.  Do you have a traditional website?
3.  Do you have a good number of visitors?
4.  What "systems" do you use for your website / blog?
5.  How much money do you make from your site (monthly / annually)?
6.  Are you a guy or gal?
7.  What is it that you do?
8.  What's your biggest challeng?
9.  What's your biggest fear?
10.  What are your traffic levels (visitor's / page's)?
11.  Where do you shop online?
12.  What is your favorite site?

Why am I asking all of these questions? (and yes, some of them are stupid / vague)...
Because, if you have any customers / readers then you need to know something about them.  There are a ton of reasons why (find a marketing blog / site for those).... but I think there's a service waiting to be filled here.

Google Analytics only goes so far... but think about what you could do if you knew the age, gender, race, location, income, preferences, etc. of your site visitors.  The advertising would be more targeted and possibly more likely to result in click-throughs.

It's a possible gold mine... figure out how to protect the submitter's privacy... yet provide information to the site so that they can take advantage of who's actually visiting their site.  Brick and mortar companies have been doing it for decades... yet I've seen no good online system of figuring out who your visitors are.

Untill then... if you are a site with any type of visitor level... consider running a poll to start getting a feel for your visitors.  At minimum, you'll figure out how responsive you 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc... feed readers may be.

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