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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 20 May 2006
There are a couple of magazines that I read... one of which is Entrepreneur .  They have good articles, cover some relevant topics and in general I find them a good resource.  I used to hate their website, but they look to have cleaned it up some and made it easier to get around.

However, it's not always the articles I find informative... it's sometimes the advertisements. It's a great way to dig for ideas and get some brain juice working.  I'm not one looking to buy into the business opportunities presented there... but it helps inspire some thoughts about how others could take the same idea and run with it... without the fanchising / license / etc... fees that come with tieing yourself to an existing company.

Now, their are some benefits to getting in with an established company... but lots of times you just need to borrow the idea.

This has got me thinking about a new series of "posts" that evaluate (i.e. give my opinion) some of the advertised opportunities in Entrepreneur.  If things work correctly, they'll show up in the side under related items...

Here's to hoping that you find inspiration.
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