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Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 11 May 2006

Are you interested in putting your photography skills together with some simple website building skills?

If yes, then consider building a site that pictorially profiles subdivisions and communities in your geographic area.

Simple enough... want some more thoughts on it?  Click read more below...


Simple idea:  Provide a website that shows community / area / subdivision information (basic) and includes pictures of the area.

Who's interested?  Home buyers interested in finding out some information about their potential new community.

Key Element:  Relevant pictures that truthfully show the area as well as a link to more detailed information from sites such as HAR .... like this

Monetization:  Use the normal contectual ads that as well as geographically relevant business sponsored banners. 


Expanded idea: Provide a way for real estate agents to download the pictures of the community for them to include in their property showcases.  Either for free as a brand spreading method... or for a relatively cheap fee.

Who's interested:  Real estate agents that can't take their own photos... or want to show the clients how great that park across the street is... or don't have time for a house photo shoot, but want that listing in the MLS as soon as possible (with some type of relevant pictures).

Monetization:  Same as before, but includes the selling / license of the images used by Real Estate Agents. 



First, I haven't confirmed with HAR that the linking I did above was allowed.  (I will be checking with them shortly, but part of the reason of this post is to provide them an example of what I would like to do)  You may have similar sites in your area... check with them to see if you can link to their detailed information.

Second, you'll have to figure out some website design items.  But I'll cover some of that a bit later.


OK - I've given you an idea... here's an example over at Marlin Creek - Fun with Maps ... bookmark this item and check back in a couple of days... I'll expand on the example.  As well as know more about the issues with linking to a site like HAR. 


Really expanded idea:

Networks aren't just for blogs... build a network of sites across your state / country that provide this information.  The greater the regional coverage the greater the opportunity for sponsored advertisements.


Update June 2006:

Traded some emails with the local real estate site and they were gracious enough to allow the linking that I described above.  They requested that I change the format of the link to say "" which was simple enough.

Unless your local MLS service provider or someone has this going already, I think it's a great opp for either the local entrepreneur or global start-up.

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