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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 06 May 2006

Another random web site idea...


Create a site where people can submit a request for a logo and the members then bid on creating the logo.


Interested?  Read more... 


Have you ever done a Google search for logo design?

Looking for that graphic that can distinguish you from the others?

Are you artistically inclined and trying to figure out how to get into some marketing?


Lots of people will answer those questions with a YES.  Why not create a site that caters to them?


The basic Idea:

Business A decides that they need a logo.

Business A looks around and doesn't like the pricing of the current options.

Business A finds your site where they submit a request for a logo design after giving some basic information about what they might invision, what their business is about and what they would be willing to pay.


The members (graphic / marketing types) check  on the pending requests and then bid on creating some logos.  Those that are interested in just getting their name out might bid to do it for free (hey, nothing like having some work actually out there).  They might even submit preliminary drafts with the bid so that the business has something to work from.


Your job - figure out how to structure the exchange so that both parties get what they want.


There are lots of other details to work out... like...

 - What if the original submittion sucks and the business doesn't want to pay? 

 - What if the original idea is decent, but needs refinement that the artist can't support?

 - Who owns the rights to failed submissions? 

 - How do you protect both parties?


I think the key to some of the above is by using some straight forward Terms and the Creative Commons license options.


It isn't an easy challenge... but if you can figure out the structure then there is no reason that some money can't be made from brokering the deal. 

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