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Written by Graydon   
Friday, 05 May 2006
As we continue on with BitPass , we'll now take a look at what a buyer would see and do when they finally stumble upon your site and decide to drop some of that hard earned change on your offering.

If you need to review:
Part 1 - General overview
Part 2 - Setting up your Merchant Account

So, let's continue on...
I was taking a look around the BitPass Marketplace and stumbled upon a pretty cool looking site that sells maps of parks .  They aren't just any maps and our Buyer thinks that they are well worth the $0.50 listed.

So, our starting point is below.  Let's just click on the text link next to the little blue squares icon and off we go...
 BitPass buyer 1
Click #1 - New window with options to sign-in or create an account.  We are going to assume that our Buyer is new to BitPass  (Buyer:  "BitPass?  What the...?  Sounds good, I'll go ahead")
 BitPass buyer 2
Click #2 - Standard account creation information  (Buyer:  "Crap, another password and stuff to remember... but that map would be really great this weekend. Plus, it only takes 3 steps.")
 BitPass buyer 3
Click #3 - Almost Done!  (Buyer:  "Hey, that was fast... let's confirm and go pack the bags")
 BitPass buyer 4
Click #4 - Whoops!  (Buyer:  "Yeah, yeah, I know, 3 steps... gotta go back and fund... whatever that means")
BitPass buyer 5
Clicks #5 and #6 - Funding Options  (Buyer:  "OK, let's check out these funding options and figure out what to do")
BitPass buyer 6
Click #7 - PayThru(tm) with PayPal information  (Buyer:  "PayThru?  I know what PayPal is... and what's this about no min fund?  Sounds good, what about the others?")
BitPass buyer 7
Click #8 - BitPass prepaid card information  (Buyer:  "What IS a BitPass prepaid card?  Got a Starbucks card... no BitPass")
BitPass buyer 8
Click #9 - PayPal and funding options  (Buyer:  "Thought I already looked at PayPal?  Oh yeah, funding differences.  Speaking of funding... If $3 is the min, how come $10 was the default?  For $0.50 I can use 6 maps... don't need 20... good thing I click on all of these things")
BitPass buyer 9
Click #10 - Credit card and funding options  (Buyer:  "Credit card... umm, I think I still have some limit left on my card.  There's that $3 min and $10 default again... ")
BitPass buyer 10
Click #11 - Finally checks the Need Help button  (Buyer:  "Probably should have clicked on this first... umm... seems to be all talking about the PayThru option... what about the others?  Oh, screw it... I can rip the image from the screen and just use a magnifying glass...")
BitPass buyer 11
Click #12... No, I think I'll stop... I've made the point.  Our buyer has gone through 11 clicks in order to make an "impulse buy" and she's still not done.

While some may think that most buyers won't go through all of these screens... there are many that will.  Remember, she's dealing with a new service... may not have problems buying things online but wants to make sure she's not giving away too much or going to get screwed.
The merchant setup only took 7 clicks to get to the upload page.  I could argue that 7 is fine since the merchant is getting a bigger benefit... But if they knew the user was going to go through this?
So, what's the short and simple summary?
Fewer clicks and faster throughput equal higher likelihood that the buyer is going to complete the transaction.  I'm not the first one to come to that conclusion... so why hasn't BitPass?
My suggestions?
Go ahead and use up some more of the screen real-estate for information or combining the account creation and funding...
Get rid of the drop down and use some radio buttons with hovering boxes that contain relevant information...
Use one of those "timetable" looking progress bars that shows all of the screens that someone is going to go through... it may still be a long process, but if I can see that I have 8 screens to go through, I'm prepared.

Those are just some thoughts... I'm open to any improvement.

Just do it soon, I have some things I want to sell.

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