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Written by Graydon   
Wednesday, 19 April 2006

After kicking off this category here , I thought I would go ahead and expand on what we'll be doing here.


The basic idea is to identify possible micro-niche topics and give some thought to how you could consistantly generate relevant, quality content.


Since I was originally inspired on this topic by ProBlogger , I'll take his example and flesh out somethings here as an example... 

Way back in the day, you could do well with a digital camera blog.  There wasn't much competition and as long as you put up some good qualit content, you could build a user and potential revenue base.


Now  though, the digital camera blog arena is full... so you take a step down in detail and look at DSLR cameras.  You may be reducing our potential audience... but you are hopefully competing for those smiley faces with fewer sites.


Eventually, the DSLR market will get crowded and you can drop down a level to a spefic manufacturer such as Canon or Nikon.  Bigger companies like those have enough going on (new models, updates, accessories, etc.) that you would still have plenty of topics.


Now, I'm trying to think if you could drop one more level to a specific model of camera (i.e. Nikon D70)... maybe.  But this would require getting started early (pre-launch if possible) and really maximizing on the popularity of the camera... and then moving on in a year or so when the newer model came out.


So, now we have an example of micro / sub niches and you can get a better understanding of where we are going.  When I take a look at a spefic niche topic I'll provide some additional thougts on what you could actually blog about. 

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