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Written by Graydon   
Friday, 14 April 2006
I think my first exposure to XPLANATIONS was through Business 2.0 .  They had some great visual representations of business processes.  However, if it wasn't for their use byh B2.0 and subsequent advertisements, I wouldn't have a clue what they did.
I'm going to make a leap of an assumption and say that many people don't have a clue about XPLANE and what they do.
Here are some ideas on changing that... 
The first and most relevant action that XPLANE could take is to give away some things for free.  Take a look around the web and see what is being discussed.  Then turn around and create a great visual that explains it... most it free to use and encourage others to use the visual in their content.
Give us a visual of how socieal networking works.
Bonus points for explaining Squidoo .
Another option might be to team with a site like HowStuffWorks and provide some freebie visuals for them.
Now why would XPLANE do this?
Plain and simple brand awareness...  The goal may be to land larger clients... but let the common folk know that you exist and you might find the corporate business following.  (i.e. CEO Bob is checking out some site, see's the great visual description and goes "Hey, maybe they can explain our go-to-market plan to those investors".
I'm sure there are many "public" things that XPLANE could enlighten us on... If they run out of ideas... just have a page dedicated to requests for FREE XPLANATIONS. 
 Basic summary:
Freebie items get spread around the web... Freebie items get seen by some business decision maker... decision maker contacts to see if XPLANE cna help with their problem...
All else fails, you get a chance to increase the collective knowledge of people... and what else is cooler?
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