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Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 13 April 2006
 Teleflip has been around since 2004 (from the best that I can tell) and has been profiled by sites such as TechCrunch,  New York Times, Newsweek, and more.

Teleflip is a free service that enables you to send an SMS text message to any cell phone by just knowing what the phone number is. No need to figure out if the person uses Sprint, Verizon, ATT or what else.

So far, I haven't seen how the site makes any money... so I had some ideas...

The inclusion of ads in the text message sent isn't anything new and would be the simplistic approach. However, like ads on any site, people learn how to ignore them. So while included ads would be a starting point, there are other approaches.

People concerned about privacy, but still desiring the ease of use of the Teleflip service could register for their own unique email address (i.e. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). This would enable users to get messages to their cell phone without the concern of giving out the actual number. Reasonable monthly / annual fees could be established... and all messages would be ad free.

An alternate take on the included ad would be to send a confirmation to the person sending the email and that would include the simple ad. This at least wouldn't burden the recipient.

Of course, someone might try to work around the above by re-routing their email to their <phone#> address... but considering that this would be picked up by the spam filters at Teleflip, it might not work for long. But this highlights another paid user registration feature. Don't require a unique email address at Teleflip, but for a smaller fee, remove the re-directing email address from the spam filter and allow people to use the re-directs.

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