Joomla Upgrade Crashers and Burns PDF Print E-mail
Written by Graydon   
Wednesday, 12 April 2006
 I tossed around many ideas about how to create  and finally decided that Joomla  looked to be a pretty good idea. Next, after some additional research I decided on hosting at SiteGround  since they claimed a specialty in hosting these type of open source content management sites. All was working good... until I decided to upgrade to the latest version of Joomla.

My attempt to follow the simple path of using SiteGrounds CPanel / Fantastico route ended up in the site going bye-bye to everyone (including the admin side). It was late at night and I shot off a quick email to my Account Manager and went to bed thinking I should have done it all differently.

But then the good news upon checking in on things in the morning... The SiiteGround account manager had opened up a support ticket and the tech people had already fixed the item... Marlin Creek was back online.

Why am I spending time posting this? Simply because I like to recognize good service when it comes along. If you are looking for a host for an open source platform... check them out.

Now we just have to see how the new ticket I put in comes along....

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