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Written by Graydon   
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
If you are like many people, you have too much crap and wish you had a place to put it...
So, you go and decide to put something in storage.  Fine, we won't address how you decide what goes in, but let's look at how you choose a place to put it.
I personally look in the phone book and online trying to find where all of the local storage places are.  I then call them up and get pricing on the two sizes I'm looking at needing.  I then balance proximity to my house with the price (i.e. is it worth saving $5 a month if I have to drive an extra 1 mile, 2 miles or 10 miles?).
I could care less about them being located along a main road with lots of visibility.  So, why are these companies dropping some serious money for PRIME real-estate along heavily travelled frontage roads?
For whatever reason, I think I have an idea that could be used against them...
I'm thinking that there is ample room for some lower cost companies to come in and carve out some territories.  First thing to do is... get your basic land costs down as much as possible.  Get off the main streets and hide your ugly ass.  What I'm waiting to see is the company that teams up with a developer (of sub-divisions) and scores some cheap property in the back of the sub-division... or along that high voltage power line that cuts across the side... or backs to that industrial plant that someone forgot to mention... and puts in a community focused storage lot.
Hell, builders could buy out a storage room for every house they build in there and give some free storage to the people that move into a house there.
It's the perfect place for your neighbor to get that wreck of a car out of the driveway and just down the street in the local storage lot.
Needliess to say, aesthetics are still important... but nothing some good looking fencing and shrubbery couldn't make look nice. 
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