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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 19 May 2007

In the past I had an opportunity to work with a "culture change consultant" that utilized a pretty cool tool.

The basic idea was that people answered a series of questions that were formated as "Which is more important to you" and it gave two options. The total number of options was about 10 and the same format of question was asked numereous times with different options compared each time.

As an example... say you wanted to find out your favorite color but couldn't decide between Red, Green or Blue. So you would be asked...

Which do you like better, red or blue?

Which do you like better, red or green?

Which do you like better, green or blue?

and so on...

At the end of the poll, it could statistically tell you which one was really your favorite.


It seems simple and part of the cool factor was that they utilized wireless "voters" and could thus aggregate the results of ~50 people as a group to show what was most important... all on the fly.


I always thought that would be an interesting idea for a website... where some one or more could input their options and answer questions and get a statistical result about what they needed to decide upon.


I don't have a clue about how you could make any money from this... we are talking about a statistical / mathematical calculation that could easily be duplicated, but that sometimes doesn't stop a viral site from cashing in.


So, why not be the first that enables Joe Bob to plug in the names of his girlfriends to see which one he likes better... or Suzy to upload pictures of some hairstyles so that she can figure out which one she's gonna get?  Then enable their friends to vote as well to see if the group agrees with the individual.

You could even get a bit serious and build some default "life priorities" quizes so that we all have an easier time determining if power is more important than office location... or personal life.


Maybe the key to this is building a backend solution so that a site like could provide a service where buyers select features they think they want and get them ranked... and then point them to the vehicle that best matches their real preferences.


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