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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 12 May 2007

Continuing on with the series about SplashCast...

- We've covered the real basic

- We've talked about the simplest linking idea

- We've covered some examples

Now, let's talk about the future of SplashCast.

As it's been said before... "free is not a business model". Too bad I don't remember where I saw that first.

SplashCast is currently free. Their T&C's give them room to start charging whenever they want. But unless they start talking more about how to use the service for making money, it may be hard to just start charging people to use them as a distribution network.

That's where ad sponors come in.

But how's the best way to incorporate them?

My idea...

One of the "items" that could be added to a show will be an "ad". The show creator will then be able to choose between the type of ad (i.e. a short video ad or a static page ad or a audio jingle ad or whatever).

Now this ad spot can be filled multiple ways...

- The show creator fills in some relevant key words that match an ad to the keywords.

- The show creator chooses from a specific advertiser like they would for a CJ link.

- The show creator enables a "bid for this spot" function.


Maybe you think that this is crap... well, maybe so, but I see it as a natural evolution... build up a base of user created content (except for those embedded youtube clips) and then expose the entire system to sponsors and collect the "match-maker fee".


Continuing on past what may be an obvious move to some an additional idea...


We've now got content creators hooked up with advertisers, so now it's time to reward the distributors.

The advertiser pays $x, the content creator gets y% of $x, the distributor gets z% of $x and SplashCast gets whatever's left.

Oh, by the way, if this looks familiar, it's the same basic model that NBBC has.


Now the possible wrinkle... Enable content creators the ability to limit their stuff to specific publishers / distributors.  They could (or maybe not) still show their stuff on their site, but only Joe's Cooking Site is allowed to re-distribute their shows / channels. Joe would do this at a reduced payout from the advertiser, but would benefit in being the sole provider in that content.

You could effectively build a marketplace around producing and distributing user created content.  And if you can build a marketplace around your service, the more attractive your service becomes.


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