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Written by Graydon   
Friday, 11 May 2007

Last time , I gave a brief intro to SplashCast , a media distribution service.

This time, instead of bothering you with how to get in and setup something, I'm cutting straight to the chase on one quick way to attempt to make money utilizing them.


One of the "items" you can add to a show (which gets added to a channel and can be shown in a player) is labeled "compose" which I can only describe as a basic text style document. The controls are very basic... text size and color, background color, basic layout and etc... However, there is one button there that lets you insert a link to something. So, when that "item" is shown, you have a live link to someplace else.

So, what's good about that?

Use the link to direct somebody to something they want via your affiliate code.

Use the link to go to a site where you get some click through revenue.


Maybe you need a possible scenario to see how it would work.

Say you like to make cooking videos.

Sign up for a cooking.com aff code through commision junction.

Get a link to something relevant to your episode (maybe a blender).

Upload the video to SplashCast.

Add a "text" document after the video that say "buy my blender here" and link through the CJ aff system.

Could do the same for "find this recipe and more in this book at Amazon.com".


I think you get the point. Simple and easy.


Thanks SplashCast!


Oh yeah... you can also add pdf and ppt files, but if you have links embedded in them, they don't transfer to the SplashCast show / player.  I tried. 

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