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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 24 March 2007

So, what if while watching TV you saw something interesting... something that you'd like to know more about.  Steve over at Tequila Shots had an idea about viewers being able to call a number in the ad that would basically note the item you were interested in and then feed content to you the next time you were on the computer or logged into their site.

Let's make it easier.  I don't want to call a number.  I want to hit "bookmark" on my remote control.  Every PC user knows what a bookmark is (ok, maybe not everyone, but enough to make a dent).

The trick is what happens when you click on bookmark...

 - 10 seconds of video are recorded to the set top box, the 5 before and the 5 after.  Don't like 10, make it an option in the preferences to adjust up / down.  Later on you can hit the menu button and browse through some of the stuff you've bookmarked.

 - in addition to the set-top box browsing of your book marks, you could go to the pc and login to your account and see the same 10 secs of video.

 - now, since the broadcasting companies know what they are showing you every second of the day, there will be a link to a site with the video so that you can get more information.  Maybe the new SuperDuty Ford truck commercial caught your eye... when you go to the pc you see the video and a link to the site to get more info.

 - maybe you don't like the idea of getting up off your ass to go to the pc... well, let's just take advantage of some video on demand services.  Now, from the set top box you browse your book marks and there's a link to some more information... click it and a 10-30 minute infomercial comes flowing through.  Imagine watching one show and seeing an ad for another show, you bookmark it... then later on, you go to your bookmarks and you are able to VOD the show you originally bookmarked... or at least get a short summary of it.

If we try to break this down into some key components, what do we have?
 - a set top box w/ functional remote
 - an index of ads (time based) with corresponding links to more info (for the pc based) or a stable of VOD offerings.
 - what else?

Of course, we've only managed to turn a 30 second spot into a more lengthy / engaging interaction with an "item".  Imagine what you could do if you could index a show by time with all "products" in the show...

Now while watching a show I see something, anything that peaks my interest I click bookmark.  Later when I browse my bookmarks I can find information on things such as...
 - that car they were driving
 - the clothes they were wearing
 - the headboard of the bed they were "sleeping" in
 - the razor the person was using
 - the place they were at
 - the characters in the scene
 - the actors that were in the scene
 - the guns being used by the good / bad guys
 - etc.. etc... etc...

Now we can take advantage of mere seconds of exposure and drive towards a higher level of engagement.

Also, you wouldn't need to be able to identify every single object to the original provider... in some cases you might be able to sell "ad references" to anybody that provided headboards... just be sure to indicate that it's a general reference and not tied to the exact product shown.

And before I forget... it's not necessarily the set top box maker or distribution platform that makes the bulk of the money... it's the back-end service provider.


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