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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 03 March 2007
There should be a widget built that enables the following...

I blog and I want to be able to quickly take a snap shot of something on my screen, crop it to the view that I want and then resize it to fit in in my post.  Then have it directly uploaded to a hosting site (either mine or remote)... and then have the link code easily copied for pasting in my post.

This is probably a niche service, but might be worth paying for.

Why?  Because this is what I go through if I want to put a "screen shot" on my site.

I get the windows aranged as I want it.
I select print screen.
I copy into ppt
I crop and adjust basic size
I convert to jpg
I open editor and crop as needed and resize for posting
I open the ftp software
I load to the site
I log into the site
I find the image in the media manager
I copy the url information
I create a post
I insert url information
I post

That sucks.  I have to use at least 4 "tools".

Instead I want to do the following...

Activate the widget
Arrange windows
Hit print screen and have the image directly loaded into an editor where I crop and resize for the larger view, specify that I want a thumbnail of #x# size and select where to load the images.
I then login and create a post and only have to copy over the link code from the active widget
Post it.

Not only would this work for bloggers that want to include screenshots, but it could be turned into a standalone media manager for forum posters and the like as well.

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