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Written by Graydon   
Thursday, 08 February 2007
I have a couple of blogs in my RSS reader that routinely post "series" about a central subject or theme.  I think that the sites are great and the content is always worth reading... but I have to be prepared with some of them to dedicate some time to read through them, think about them, re-read and digest some more.  And that's just for one post in the series.
I don't have a problem with the length of the individual posts... in most cases it's needed in order to get me from point A to point B... and then to point C and D in future posts in the series.
But I don't always have the time in front of the computer to do this... so I mark them for later.
Eventually the series is done and I'm looking at 5+ posts of some length that now requires some serious time allocation.
Again, it's always worth it... I just wish it was easier.
My first thought is to just go ahead and print each post and staple them together... then I can carry and read whenever I get a chance.
But then I thought... why not make it easy on the reader and maybe get some benefit to the blogger?
My suggestion is that the blogger should, at the conclusion of the series, compile the posts into a PDF format and allow an easy download of the series.  Include the comments (or at least relevant ones) in the complied file so that the conversation aspect of the blog is somewhat kept.
Besides making it easier for readers to follow along there are some other benefits...
 - There's now the possibility for the reader to share the info with others outside of the internet... "Hey Bob, this guy at CPU has some stuff that might help you make sense of all that data you got at the last user testing..."
 - If you've got a "how-to " post series the readers don't have to keep flipping back and forth between tabs as they implement some things.
But if you don't care about making it easier on the user... there might be financial benefits as well.  I don't see why you couldn't sell some sponsorship... just take someone's money so that you insert a nicely laid out sponsor box on one / some / all of the pages.  Relevancy would be required.  And since pdf's can carry url links, it'd be easy enough to setup.
Of course this leads me to another thought... since Adobe's Reader always pings the internet looking for updates, it would be possible for the ads in the pdf to be rotated through different advertisers.
Just consider it. 
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