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Written by Graydon   
Sunday, 26 November 2006
This might apply more to an "experienced" blogger... but could be used by anyone willing to try...
Are you facing the challenge of learning something new?
If so, then you MIGHT be able to get a little money on the side by documenting the learning process online.  Even if this new thing isn't your core skill... you could help others out by sharing the process you went through.
Even if there are 1,560,00,000 other estimated sites when searching for that topic, the process of re-explaining what you learned will further enhance your learning process.
Some topics that you might be looking at learning:
 - Search engine optimization (SEO)
 - Rebuilding your Nissan Z
 - Figuring out PhotoShop
 - Setting up your blog site
 - Using Quicken for your financials
 - Using maps in your site
 - Recovering your crashed computer
 - Anything you want to learn and are disappointed in the items that turn up on the first couple of pages of search engines...
The last bullet is probably key here... if you can't find a decent site in the first couple of pages of search results, then there is an opportunity for someone like you to put up some good and basic information that could help someone else in your same shoes.
Why might this work?  The long tail theory... if you can build a straight forward informative site that gets people from zero to something... then it will have value over the long run.  Monetize it correctly and you might be able to get a trickle revenue over a long period of time... even after you've mastered what you needed and moved on.
Now, why do I say this?  I think we've all done some searches for "how-to" and seen sites that are 5+ years old showing up on the first page... and these are severly outdated and useless to most people.  The object is to trump these sites with some relevant information and make sure it's monetized so that in 6 - 12 months, it's still drawing visitors and potential clicks through to other sites.
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