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Written by Graydon   
Tuesday, 21 November 2006
TechCrunch is one of many sites I check in on to see what's current in the "web 2.0" arena.  It's interesting to see what new ideas are coming out but it does something more important... it keeps in check those "wild ideas" that I think I come up with.
Easy... you don't know how many times I've sat here and thought... Hey, what about doing this?... only to go through some TC posts and see that company X just launched offering that service.  I will still post information here if the company that just launched isn't doing all that I had in mind... or appears a bit weak... but sometimes, the ideas just flat out been implemented in a good fashion... so I move on.
But... and there is always a BUT...
There are many times that I go back to TC looking specifically for a particular business so that I can check them out or compare them to another new idea I had.  And THIS is where TC falters.  I can't find them again.  I try the search box using words that I think would relate and usually get crap.
Here's an example.
TeleFlip is a company that allows you to send text messages to any phone in North America.
If I were to do a Post Search for phone messaging it doesn't show up.
If I can't remember that the company was TeleFlip, then I'd be forced to continue to try random word searches and clicking on articles to see what showed up. 
They are sitting on a wealth of web 2.0 data in the form of company listings and this is what you get . How useless is that?
So, here's my solution...
Pay an intern to start categorizing the companies... and create an index of "web 2.0" companies... include the one's you've talked about as well as the ones you haven't.
But why?
 - Green... it's your driving force.
 - It helps the readers
First... how does it help readers?
Because, sometimes I haven't read everything you've ever posted and need to find out if someone's doing something.  And I need to know because...
 - I want a tool / service for my own use
 - I have an idea and want to see who else is doing it or something like it
 - I have money to throw at something and I like "topic A" this week
 - I have a business that does X and it would work well with a company doing Y
Second... what about the Green?
 - You could charge for inclusion in the listings... but that's kinda crappy
 - You can sell sponsorships of categories similar to OpenSourceCMS's Demo Page Sponsorships .
So, let's think about how simple this is...
 - Come up with categories / sub-categories
 - Pay an intern to start sorting through and write a brief profile and link to where you've covered the company
 - Sell ad space in the categories / sub-categories
 - Expand your brand and what you offer
 - Make money from it
While this is directed at TechCrunch, the idea could be implemented first by somebody else (maybe GigaOm or you) and while being first doesn't mean you'll be better... it doesn't hurt.
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