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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 21 October 2006
The idea of harvesting rain for commercial or residential use is not new.  On a large scale that's where a lot of public water comes from.
BUT... after watching it pour down for 2 days straight... and watching so much water go down the storm drain (where I'm sure it's serving some purpose in it's final destination)... isn't it about time that the home based rain harvesting business come out of the realm of tree huggers and hermits?
People are willing to do some small part in helping the environment... make it easy to setup and maintain a simple rain water collection system that can be used on the flower beds or the back yard.
They'll get some break in rising water costs and get that warm fuzzy for doing some small part to help the earth.
We just have to figure out how to make it worthwhile to them.
I'll come back to this in a bit... but get your brain working on this.... it could be huge.
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