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Written by Graydon   
Friday, 22 September 2006
I was reading the Grill Maestro and he was disappointed because he'd seen where Weber had a BBQ school at one of it's stores... and unfortunately, he's no where close to it.
I can feel sympathy because it sounded cool and I too am no where near the place.
So what's one to do?
After checking around locally I found that NO ONE did any type of BBQ classes... smells like an opportunity.
So, here's an opportunity to follow along the food prep / class uprise while targeting a different market.
Offer BBQ classes catered to guys (or to the gals that like to get all smoky).
This can be done a couple of different ways.
First - dedicate to BBQ cooking classes at a central location.  Make it a party, learn some cooking techniques for the open grill, replay some classic game from ESPNClassic (or one of those great NFL moments video) and give guys a reason to get off the patio and into your place.
Second - Make some arrangements with the local BBQ supply stores (i.e. Lowe's, HomeDepot as well as the smaller local places) and do some BBQ demonstrations.  I'm pretty sure that when they get on the speaker and say "Steak Grilling 101 starting over in the landscape area in 5 minutes... with samples"... you'll get some attention.  You'd have to make a point to show how you can do things on the simplest charcoal grill... as well as the benefits to the 16 burner 15,000kw gas behometh... Once you get the guys picturing their neighbors crowning them the Block BBQ King because they just whipped out the best tasting steaks ever... the grills will sell.
Of course, both could be seasonal... but couple the two together... the cooking classes building your expertise and reputation, the cooking demos driving traffic to the classes... and you could probably make do.  Then, figure out how to incorporate grilling outside in the snow, or bring the grilling inside with some double burner grill pans... and you could make it a full time gig.  Or, just move south to where we can grill everyday all year long.
Of all the food niches being hit... BBQ and Guys might be the one that hasn't been tapped (yes, beer keg pun intended) before.
Good luck and let me know when you start one up in Houston. 

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