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Written by Graydon   
Tuesday, 22 August 2006
RV's (recreational vehicles) are sometimes the best way to get out on the open road and take a look around.  The freedom they offer and the ability to bring some to all of it with you has made them popular for years.
There's a couple RV rental places in my neck of the woods and the other day I was driving past one... the same one I pass many days to and from the other job.
The other day was different though... the other day I had a thought...
Besides the open road and national parks, where else do I always see RV's?
Doesn't matter if it's the collegiate or professional arena, sitting in the parking lot will be more RV's than you can count.  At one college I know very well, there's an area on campus near the baseball field setup for RV's.
They are without a doubt the best way to get to a game, take part of all the activities and not worry about where you are going to stay later tonight.
So, what's the insight to this observation?
If you have an RV rental business, it's time to setup an all inclusive game day package.
The basics...
Joe Alumni rents an RV from you for the weekend.  With it, he gets reserved parking ready for tailgating or at the closest RV friendly park.  It's best if it's within walking distance.  If you can swing it, then you'll get the tickets for him as well.
Now, if you've got a diehard alumni, then they probably have their own tickets.  But it's worth having a couple handy for the friends they want to take.
Why this works?
Because you take out the ordeal of getting a hotel room, getting to the game, getting someplace else, etc.. AND, if you can get into the tailgate section, you can offer an experience of the game day that some have to wait for years to get. 
Can't get the reserved parking or tickets?  Don't worry, you could also market the benefit an RV has over the hotels when the parents need to...
 - Move the kids to / from college...
 - Visit for the weekend
So, contact the alumni association, get an ad in the alumni periodical and get them in your RV's.  Check out advertising on the Alumni websites as well.  Don't forget word of mouth and find your Alumni friends, cut them a deep discount and let them tell all of their Alumni friends how great it was.
If you can deliver, I don't see why you won't have many happy repeat customers throughout the year.
And let me know if you try this out.  I'm itching to go to some Aggie games this year. 
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