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Written by Graydon   
Sunday, 13 August 2006
I wanted to build upon the idea I talked about HERE ... where I suggested that too many businesses are focused on incremental improvements over the competition.
In the post, I used Flickr as a working example... So let's think for a minute about photography...
In order to do this let's standardize some terms:
 - Photography - the action of using a camera to record a moment in time 
 - Digital image - that file you get once you use your digital cameral to record a moment in time
 - Photograph - a hard copy of the digital image 
The "action" of taking a digital photograph only results in a digital image... once you print that image, you have a photograph.  Simple enough of a concept so let's move on...
Companies in the photography world are generally aligned along the following:
 - Recording the image (Canon, Nikon, Sony)
 - Modifying the image (Adobe, GIMP)
 - Organizing the image (Picassa, ACDSee)
 - Printing the image (Kodak, Snapfish)
 - Sharing the image (Flickr, FilmLoop)

In the past, this might not have been a problem because people's workflow wasn't complicated.  They took pictures, film went in bag, back came photographs.  Then the big thing was to take photograph and share on Flickr.  Again, the workflow wasn't complicated.

HOWEVER, now people's workflows are starting to pick up all of those items listed above.

Let's look at Joe PhotoGuy's typical workflow...
1. Records lots of images of Joe Jr's b-day
2. Transfers images to PC
3. Uses software 1 to organize, sort, turn, weed out photos
4. Uses software 2 to fine tune some adjustments, add some effects, gets creative
5. Uploads photos to Kodak so that the Mrs Joe can get prints for the scrap book
6. Uploads photos to Flickr for other friends and family
7. Uses software 3 to resize / crop images for website
8. Uploads photos to host for website inclusion
9. Creates DVD back-up... trying to remember where he stopped last time

Again, in the past, the above workflow was thought to be the realm of professionals... but todays casual photographer has expanded capabilities.

Now, do you see where a companies are missing the big picture because they keep working on incremental improvements?

There's an opportunity here (window is closing though, because theirs hints that at least one company gets this) to grab hold of the TOTAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT (TIM) market.  And the kicker is, you don't have to do all of the things that all of the smaller pieces do, just the key elements that enable it all to be done together.  Build out the additional features as needed.

Now your whining... "but that's hard to do"... and you'd be correct.  But with every bit of the process already out there for free in some portion of open source code, you have a head start.
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