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Written by Graydon   
Saturday, 12 August 2006
I ran across an idea on Idea-A-Day suggesting that agents setup a wifi point at a house that is for sale so that prospective buyers can login from outside and get information on the house.  It's not a bad idea, but there is a more practical means...
Include on the "yard sign" a url linking to a mobile phone compatible site that has the home information.
There are a couple of sites that come up when searching for this type of existing service (Tiny Realtor is one) but they look to be in the infancy stages... not really fully setup to offer the Realtor the full package of services required.
So, if you are looking for a new real estate services market to get into, then I think this one is still ripe for the picking.
What would you want to offer?
 - Simple url's - i.e.
 - Information pulled from existing MLS services - keeps real estate agents from having to enter information twice
 - Simple navigation between textual information and pictures
 - Ability to retrieve contact information if prospect agrees to being contacted by the agent
This is how I see the service being used...
Option A - Home buyers that are cruising around neigbhorhoods just "browsing" come across a home that looks interesting, they punch in the url and get some basic information quickly displayed.  No getting out of the car to see if their are any flyers left.  If they like it, they bookmark it or save it as a favorite.  If desired, they hit the option to allow the selling agent to contact them, or they immediately contact the agent.  Whenever they get back home they can access the sites via a normal computer to get additional information or access the ones they listed as favorites.... so on and so forth.
Option B - Prospective home buyer already has an agent and they are out looking at some selected houses.  At each one, they make a note or access the given URL to store information on the homes they think are worthwhile.  Now, later on when they are sitting around trying to remember the details of each house and make a decision, they have a direct link to information and pictures to help them decide.  Maybe the house that didn't have a quick link to goes to the wayside in favor of the house that they can easily recall on the phone.
Once the basic site structure and service is in place, their are expansion routes into other real estate services.  Offer to agents a photo service so that the pictures taken are mobile friendly.  Maybe incorporate lock box access services so that agents can use their phones to gain access to the homes.
I'm sure if you sit back and give it some thought there are other options / possibilities out there. 
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