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Written by Graydon   
Friday, 11 August 2006
Have I got the killer app for digital photography printing businesses!
And it's a simple concept, which are the best.  Don't know if it's simple to do... but my simple mind thinks that it shouldn't be difficult.
We all know that when you take a digital photograph there is some data stored along with that jpg file.  Items like camera brand, type, model, focal length, exposure, aperature, etc...  But the BEST piece of data stored is the date/time stamp.
Why is this one the best?  Because most users still rely upon that to sort and find pictures.  Yes, there's a move to put tags on photos and even to use recognition software to decipher who and what's in the photo... but the date/time still rule.
So, how does the date / time meta data on a digital photo translate into the killer app for the printers?
Put the date/time information on the back of the print!
No more sorting through photos months or years later trying to remember exactly when they were from.  And if you are one of those (or know someone) that does scrap booking (i.e. Creative Memories), then not having to worry about immediately sorting the photos into your little photo storage container would save so much time.
Now, the only thing left for you to do is to develop the process to put the date / time on the back, patent it and then license it to all of the major (and minor) printers out there.  If you do and make a killing, just remember where you saw it. 
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