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Written by Graydon   
Wednesday, 09 August 2006
Sometimes I have absolutely no idea where stuff comes from... but it does.
I was thinking of a slight twist on how gyms should structure their fees.  Not that they make much sense now since if you try, you can usually negotiate a different price... but that's a tangent.
I think it makes sense for a gym to have a two part fee.  First, a general memebership fee based upon a monthly / yearly memebership.  Charge whatever the market will bear as usual and establish a base clientile.  This membership gets them the usual access to the meat locker during normal hours of operation.
Then, once you have some established clients and maybe your such a great place, others are looking to join... you roll out phase two...
Part A - build some private work-out areas... still well equiped, but catering to where 1 to 4 friends could easily work out together.
Part B - Auction off dedicated time slots for those rooms.  So, if Betty and Sue want to get out of the mass eyeball room, they can join together and buy the 7a - 8a time slot for Room B.  Setup the auction with a minimum bid, maybe include a small extra fee for each person in the group, and let market dynamics go to work.
Now, when Betty and Sue decide that 7 - 8 is just too early and want to get a different time... no problem, they can resell their timeslot to someone else, with you handling the deal, you'll take a cut and keep your customers.
Why do this?
Hell, why not.  But the real basis is that there are quite a few people out there that are on the edge of joining that gym, but just don't care to workout their flabby asses in front of the people that have been in there for years.  Give them a private area to sweat and puke in.. once they are in shape, they'll get out of the room and joint the other models.
Also, this might incourage people to make a commitment to working out.  It's one thing to pay that monthly / yearly membership... but now they've forked over some additional dough for that private room.  It MAY be the push they need. 
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